"Male Gaze Mahri"
Art by Leah Briere

This was published in Furrlough Color around 2010 or so. I don't like this one, but since I have a lot of bold, naive men who try to claim this as a reference for their own characters, I put it here to stake my claim.

I drew this at a con when I needed the cash. I never went the porn route, but I did draw my fair share of T&A back then; know thy audience I guess. I didn't have a tablet back then and it shows, but bless my heart for trying to color digial art. LOL! It's actually fun to see how much I've grown as a digital artist since then.

Mahri isn't a flirty gal, so this picture is just stupid. Just because she is a dancer doesn't mean she's trying to get that kind of attention. She's really picky about her dudes and doesn't lead anyone on.

Male Gaze Mahri

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