December 5, 2019:

When I first drew Gavin I had him in these white or light grey outfits, but somewhere along the development I started imagining him in a black and gold uniform. I didn't want to redraw the entire comic to fit the design changes so I made it a part of the story. XD

This page showcases how unremarkable the beastkin transformation is. I likened it to a vampire's bat transfomation or an illusion spell instead of a typical dramatic werewolf transformation. It still surprises Gavin.

They have some control over which form they are in, but their main form is beast and it's the only form where they can use strong magic. If they deplete their energy they go to human form, but can only hold it for a limited amount of time while they rest. Most people where Mahri lives don't have much in the way of magic so they choose to stay in beastkin form. In Mayfield Regulators and this story I'll touch on the different laws and norms relating to beastkin shapeshifting.

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