November 24, 2019:

Welcome to the new Winter's Light! This will be many people's first time reading Winter's Light and some of you will be returning. I hope you enjoy! It's about a human archmage and a werefox witch as they learn about each other's winter customs.

NOTE: It takes place several years after the events in Mayfield Regulators. This will be vague enough that it won't spoil major events other than Gavin marrying a fox beastkin named Mahri and showing some background on the beastkin and about the customs of the nations of Adanya and Mirim. Since books with this information has already been published I figured I should stop shying away from it and return to this story since it was almost finished anyway. There are new pages and a TON of edits (most of the old dialogue is gone) and I'm finally pleased with it.

I still don't understand why the original version was my most popular comic, but I'm happy so many people enjoyed it. Some of the opinions of the human/werefox relationship were rather polarizing, but that's kind of how the internet goes. None of it matters to me since this is just stuff I'm making for fun, but I feel the need to make this statement so people understand where I'm coming from: While this story is SFW, I was immersed in the romance writing scene for quite some time and went to quite a few romance writing conferences -- hell, I was even a part of RWA for a while. Sweet shapeshifter romance is VERY popular in mainstream romantic fiction, and I thought it was cute since it was a popular theme in old sci-fi novels I read as a teen. That's all I see it as... just cute. I wanted to write about a human archmage and a werefox witch, so I did.

Anyway... on to the comic!

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