I'll add important and secondary characters as they appear in the story.

Main Characters:


Archmage Gavin Stowelle:

Age: 42
Race: Mirim Human
Height: 6'1"
Occupation: Archmage, Scholar
Abilities: Class A Psionic Technomage (Fire Elementalist and Emotive Telepathy).
Weapon of Choice: Sceptor, sword, Mimic Echo
Bio: Gavin is the former lord of Ebonshire who gave up his status to become a part of the research division of the United Psionic Council when he was young. Currently he works on the Mirim/Kaini boarder station as a the head of Northern Kaini Historical Research Division. As the highest-ranking member of the NorKai region he has to deal with and check up on the most dangerous psionic threats within his jurisdiction.


Mahri Ocana Stowelle:

Age: 33
Race: Fox Beastkin
Height: 5'2"
Occupation: Moon Witch, Dancer
Abilities: Celestial moon witch illusion magic
Weapon of Choice: Daggers, illusions
Bio: Mahri is a former thief from Northern Adanya. She is now an illusion dancer and diviner in Adanya City. Despite not having any formal schooling she had spent a lot of her life learning on her own; she spends a lot of time studying magic and science within the athenaeum.

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