About the webcomic:

Winter's Light is a romantic drama webcomic. Mahri, a werefox witch, and Gavin, a human archmage, teach each other about their different winter customs.

Notes on Comic:

Timeline: This comic takes place a few years after Mayfield Regulators. I hesitated on remaking it, but I felt it was vague enough as far as details go that there is little chance for retconning.

About the Changes: I stopped making the first version of this comic since part of the way through I wanted to go in a different direction with Gavin and it was conflicting with what I had already wrote. I also didn't like how male gazey Mahri was, especially her dress and dialogue. While I wanted to go with a full redesign, I decided to make her skirt a solid color, changed some of the exposition, and give her a shawl. I needed to add the shapeshifting aspect of the beastkin, so there is extra content and dialogue change reflecting that. Justin's story from Anaria and the previous version of Winter's Light is retconned; there is zero chance he'd stand up in a fight against Gavin.

Length: This was never meant to be a long story; this will probably be under 30 pages. I do have ideas for more fun chapters after this, but I want to get through this one first and see what life throws at me in the meantime.

World of Anaria:

World, race, magic, and technology info will go here.
It'll be a work in progress for some time.

Go here to read about the world of Anaria over on the Mayfield Regulators site.

About Leah:

I'm a comic artist and writer from the PNW who worked in the mainstream comic industry and on webcomics since 2007. I'm a self-taught artist that went to college to study social and political science. My hobbies include beachcombing, hiking, camping, playing video games, and modding Skyrim.

Note: In May 2018 I changed my pen name to Leah Briere. In the past I've been published as J.L. (Jayelle) Anderson. To find out more behind the name change read this blog post.

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