UPDATE 11/21/2020: Winter's Light is on indefinite hold. I'm sorry I can't seem to make this story happen, but I want to tell Gavin's backstory before I tell what happens in the future. It was one thing when this was a spin off about secondary characters in Anaria, but Gavin is now one of the main three characters in the novels.

Gavin will be in Mayfield Regulators and the novels in production. Mahri might have her own side story about what she's up to before she meets Gavin, but I don't have any clear plans yet.

November 22, 2020:

With the flaming hulk of the autonomous robot around him, Gavin sits on the broken bench, full of grief and shame at his rage filled outburst. He's contemplating self care by eating a bland sandwich he appropriated from Laz's fridge.

Mayfield Psionic Regulators

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